Why Buy Desso

As a company Desso  has been supplying flooring products and services for more than 80 years, we know how much difference carpets can make. We are passionate about developing carpets that have the most impactful colours, designs and textures to maximize the productivity and wellbeing of working people within commercial, governmental and public buildings. 

Through our Cradle to Cradle® commitment, we are also ensuring our products are environmentally responsible; safe to use and safe to recycle as assessed against tough Cradle to Cradle® human health and environmental criteria. 

Just as crucially, we are innovating and creating new added functions that contribute to health and wellbeing. These include the DESSO AirMaster®, eight times1) more effective at capturing and retaining fine dust than hard floors and the DESSO SoundMaster® which improves sound quality and acoustics.

Combined, our three pillars of innovation (Creativity, Functionality and Cradle to Cradle®) achieve tangible benefits for businesses or non profit organisations wanting to get the most out of their people. 

Research shows that Desso's commercial carpet may offer a number of advantages:

  • Reducing sickness absenteeism and associated costs;

  • Improving productivity;

  • Enhancing wellbeing;

  • Engaging employees through purchasing environmentally responsible products (linked to a vision for the transition to the more sustainable circular economy); 

  • Creating the right sound quality to maximize workplace collaboration and concentration.